Lawyers wanted: TO SUE GOOGLE!


Lawyers wanted: TO SUE GOOGLE!




The ad is intriguing. It said:



Join with Plaintiffs, top law enforcement investigators and the world’s leading journalists to review and discover the amazing, historical and shocking evidence about how Google chose to “CHEAT RATHER THAN COMPETE” in the world. See inarguable evidence that proves that Google had a business model of “COPY AND SABOTAGE” and witness the ways that Google engaged in fraud, anti-trust, defamation, bribery, targeted character assassination, business interference and other illicit activities. Qualified contingency law firms and investors, email if you are fully credentialed and able to pass a complete conflicts-check. There are multiple plaintiffs with multiple cases available. Some cases exceed a billion dollars in damages.”




A number of Plaintiffs have joined forces to share evidence and resources in a series of cases being filed against Google. At the same time that Russia, The European Union, most privacy rights organizations and numerous consumers have also sued Google for malfeasance, more trouble is on the horizon for the world’s biggest company. Many state attorney generals have also recently, publicly stated that they believe that the first United States FTC anti-trust hearings about Google were rigged and they want a do-over. As the biggest campaign financier in America, new evidence points to Google demonstrating a non-legal relationship with public policy decisions.



On top of that, a number of members of the public have won personal lawsuits against Google because Google personally attacked them. The British Newspaper: The Guardian, and most independent news outlets, have recently been publishing a vast number of disclosures about Google’s political shenanigans.



More sadness is also on the way for Google. The hackers from Russia and China have been posting Eric Schmidt’s dirty little secrets. Snowden’s and Assange’s leaks are known to contain Google insider scoops and the United States Congress is not yet done with Google.



2016 could be, both, an election year and a fateful period for old Google.




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