How Silicon Valley Billionaires Spend Over $40M Per Year Threatening America’s National Security


How Silicon Valley Billionaires Spend Over $40M Per Year Threatening America’s National Security


By Conner Hunstman, Stanford University


The head of the United States Department of Energy, and all of his friends, own the lithium ion battery industry. You know about those batteries because they blow up in hoverboards, Tesla cars and airplanes and set things on fire.



The Silicon Valley technology Cartel does want you to find out about their little crime, so the Silicon Valley billionaires, that staged this scheme, spend over 40 million dollars a year hiring people to write blog comments that tell lies about hydrogen and fuel cells any time their software from Palantir finds the word “hydrogen” or “fuel cell” written anywhere on the internet. Steven Chu, The head of the Department of Energy; James Woolsey, The former head of the CIA; Dianne Feinstein, a U.S. Senator; and a number of famous political names, hold epic conflicts-of-interest in lithium ion battery mining considerations.



The stuff inside those batteries comes from Afghanistan and Middle East mining fields which the top people in the Energy Department, and their billionaire buddies, control.



They got control of these battery minerals, and the related stock market commodities, because they traded Presidential election resources for monopolies and exclusives promised by the very people they helped get elected.



That is a felony-class crime, but they know that they won’t get prosecuted because the politicians that they own are still in power. The sociopathic sense-of-impunity that these Silicon Valley billionaires have about their illicit deeds is illusory. The shocker rise of outsider Presidential candidates has heralded the fall of old-school crony kick-back politics.



The Silicon Valley billionaires came up with a facade in order to disguise the fact that they were planning to steal trillions of dollars (Yes! “Trillion” with a “T”) from U.S. taxpayers. These mercenary money men said: “Just tell the voters it is for “green” stuff to save trees and whales and the voters won’t ask any questions.”. The key players in this lithium ion scam are the exploiters and war profiteers: Elon Musk, John Doerr, Eric Schmidt, Steve Jurvetson, and their Silicon Valley partners. They did crimes. They cost the United States trillions of dollars in losses because of their ill-favored schemes and scams. They do not deserve White House protection. They deserve jail.



Their smoke-screen worked for awhile. It worked until their audacious money grabs, hooker parties, private jet traffic jams and penthouse parties got too loud for even the most naive to ignore. Then it all started crashing down.



As fast as all 40+ Solyndra’s, Fisker’s, Abound’s, Ener1’s, and the rest of their stock skimming scam companies got the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars shoveled into them, they just as fast, suddenly disappeared into bankruptcies and FBI raids.



At first it just looked like a few bad eggs but, without fail, every single failed “Green Energy Winner” that Steven Chu, and his crooked Department of Energy, was connected to was found to be held by the same exact handful of men. The FBI, The GAO, The GOP, The SEC, The FTC and all major investigative news organizations are fully aware of this fact. They all have indictment-ready paperwork on hand that can jail some of the most powerful and famous people in the U.S.A.



Why don’t they? Because their paperwork goes all the way up to the White House. It is a known and proven fact that, while working in the White House, Rahm Emanual, Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, Jay Carney and other famous West Wing names not only knew about this crony scam, they organized it.



The rest of the world has said enough is enough and turned their backs on this kind of crazy market and stock market manipulation. The thing that the Silicon Valley billionaires and their corrupt partners from Severstal, Panasonic and other dirty companies, were competing against was water-based hydrogen electric fuel cells. Every major non-U.S. car company has now launched fuel cell electric cars. They are electric cars. Everything about them is exactly the same as any electric car. The only difference is the fuel source. The hydrogen fuel can be acquired inside every state in the nation. Unlike lithium ion batteries, no non-domestic regions need to be invaded, or covertly disrupted, in order to ensure domestic security. Hydrogen only blows up when you shove a flame into it, like gasoline, but unlike gasoline, it only creates a puff of flame and then instantly dissipates into the air as a non-toxic material.



So hydrogen is safer than gasoline and a thousand times safer than lithium ion.



Lithium ion battery thermal fumes give you cancer, brain damage, liver damage, blindness, mutated babies, and lung diseases. Hydrogen has no negative biological effects. Lithium battery factories have killed thousands of workers from toxic poisoning.



Lithium ion blows up when it wants to, lithium ion blows up more over time the more it sits around, lithium ion blows up when it gets wet, lithium ion blows up when it gets bumped, and lithium ion sets all of the other batteries off in an explosion that no fireman can stop. Hydrogen does not do these bad things.



There is a long list of advantages that fuel cells have over lithium ion but, suffice it to say, that fuel cells beat lithium ion on every front. There is a lengthy technical treatise detailing this in voluminous measure produced by scientist and energy consultant Amory Lovins. Any credible university engineering department will also confirm these facts. In any case, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyundai and billions of dollars of the auto industry would not have moved forward on fuel cells without carefully analyzing all of the facts.



When you see the blog or shill reporter write that “Hydrogen is DOA”, “Hydrogen makes no economic sense” or “Hydrogen will never..blah, blah, blah”; you can be certain that the writers are writing from talking point scripts supplied to them by Elon Musk, CalCars, The Street, Motley Fool, ALICE Media Alliance, New America Foundation, Think Progress and other shills for the Silicon Valley Cartel.



So when you read about the global move to fuel cell electric power, already underway, and you see some shill blogging about how it “can’t possibly exist”, make a mental note to watch the Netflix film called: THE MERCHANTS OF DOUBT, if you want to understand who the author is that suddenly feels so driven to attack fuel cells.



The attacker is a troll who is paid to try to hold off America’s transition to domestic energy. He is paid to help keep the war in Afghanistan going so that John Doerr and Elon Musk can scrape all of the lithium off the ground in-between the bomb craters and dead goat herders.



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