Silicon Valley Cartel’s Go For Blood in Attacks on Enemies: VOAT Cyber Strike nearly lethal

Silicon Valley Cartel’s Go For Blood in Attacks on Enemies: VOAT Cyber Strike nearly lethal


When Kleiner Perkin’s John Doerr gets mad, he gets really mad.

Some say he used the Kleiner DNS-redirect engines, Palantir spybots, and massive “Troll Farms” to flood Reddit with anti-Ellen Pao postings and get Pao fired in retribution for confronting him on his endemic misogyny.

Now, the anti-censoring website that popped up because of Reddit’s political censorship, is being struck with a “massively well financed and coordinated epic DDOS attack” in order to keep from allowing the public to see news that is not manipulated by the Silicon Valley Cartel. Voat has had to post a sign on it’s front page asking The Silicon Valley Cartel: “ARE YOU TRYING TO HURT US?”

Rumors abound, on the web, that someone at Kleiner is even under suspicion for the death of their “CleanTech” adversary Gary D. Conley, a solar and hydrogen pioneer CEO, who went head to head with John Doerr.

The Snowden and HSBC leaks show that certain groups have the ability to eliminate all news coverage of certain stories, stop your company from getting any of it’s PayPal payments, hook the most damaging character assassination attacks, about you, on the top of the front page of Google, and wipe out your company, reputation or income if they get pissed off.

It takes a lot of technology,  a lot of billions and a lot of crazy misogynistic egomania to pull things like that off, and supporters believe those qualifications have a happy little home on SandHill Road in Palo Alto.

Take Kleiner and Google’s partner: Elon Musk, for example, now exposed in the L.A. Times, and other main-stream media, as a “federal mooch” for getting tens of billions of dollars of free taxpayer money as a conduit for Google’s and Kliener’s support of political campaigns.  The Kleiner crowd have internet searches rigged so that most web-based news only report glowing stories about Musk, and hide all of the dirty laundry. Just as Musk is glorified, on high, in Silicon-Valley controlled web news, Ellen Pao is gutted and debased, for exposing Cartel sexism, at every opportunity, in Cartel controlled media.

The Kleiner “digital killing machine” can, and has been, focused on individuals like journalists, competing tech CEO’s, opposition senators, and others. In order to curry favor with regulatory agencies, and stave off pending prosecution, they also fire their ion cannons at China and Russia just to “help out” once in awhile. The good Silicon Valley, helpful, billionaires have mostly, though, been replaced by the evil, racist, anti-woman, frat boy nutball billionaires. They will stop at nothing for power and money. broke the ultimate rule of modern media, it published ALL THE NEWS ALL OF THE TIME. It told the truth and it didn’t let Rupert Murdoch, John Doerr, Summner Redford, Eric Schmidt or the other media moguls tell it what it could and could not publish. Now Voat is taking a tactical nuclear cyber attack full on the nose.

Every major defense and intelligence agency has recently funded studies on the power of “social media” as if social media had some magic sauce in it. It doesn’t. The fear, of those who control corporations, is that many people will talk amongst themselves. You don’t need a $25 million dollar Pentagon study to tell you that all average people don’t want to get lied, to or manipulated. Just tell people the truth and you won’t have to worry about uprisings and social unrest.

Texas is freaking out about the “Jade Helm” maneuvers because they think Obama is going to invade Texas and take it over. If everybody just got in a big room and talked out the fears and concerns, there would not be a freak-out. Texas hates Obama and Obama hates Texas, but why? Have the two really shared their actual thoughts on their fears?

People left Reddit and Facebook because they were controlled media publications who only allowed information on the web that benefitted their investors. Those sites deleted, or hid, information that their investors found to be too true.


p class=”MsoNormal”>If Voat is killed, another Voat, and another, and another, will spring up. Freedom seems to be a thing that the public find hard to give up. By trying to kill, the Silicon Valley VC’s are doing what they did for the video torrent. They are driving it into global replication and demand.