Meet The Characters of The Cleantech Crime Scam:

Meet The Characters of The Cleantech Crime Scam:


Dianne Feinstein

Her daughter, Kathryn used to tell stories, in social groups, about her mom that were not flattering. At one point, she and her Mom were on the outs. San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper and SF Bay Guardian staff were Kathryn’s same age and privy to some of these conversations. This put an early watch on Feinstein.

When the other mayor was conveniently killed, Feinstein was in the perfect spot to take over as Mayor without an election.

Feinstein got a man named John Molinari, a character known to have ties to the old North Beach mob in San Francisco, placed as head of the Golden Gate Bridge District and her campaign financier,  James Bronkema, known in the local media as “David Rockefeller’s bag man” for his constant bribes for real estate permits, placed as co-head. While they ran the Golden Gate Bridge district, and its anniversary party, into what network news broadcasts’ called a “morass of corruption and failure”. Feinstein prepared her Senate plans. She had set Molinari up to take over for her as her Mayor, with her administrator: Roger Boas as the back-up plan candidate.

Both of her candidates not only lost, but Roger Boas went to federal prison for corruption, racketeering and prostitution scandals and John Molinari was removed from politics and placed under federal surveillance. His daughter filed a police report against him for abuse and she had to be removed from his home and taken to a secure children’s center, on California Street in San Francisco, for protection. Molinari was also found to have lied about his place of residence during his campaign.

When the Toyota NUMMI plant was going to go out of business, Feinstein’s Chief of Staff contacted anyone who tried to use the building and warned them to “back off”.

Feinstein sabotaged any efforts to use NUMMI, or to make competing energy systems to Tesla or to compete with Tesla in any way because her family had already made campaign finance deals with the NUMMI, Tesla Motors and Solyndra people and she owned the construction company, employment service, leasing company and adjacent railroad property rights contracts for Tesla and Solyndra. Over 40 California technology companies were damaged by Feinstein’s sabotage.

Feinstein and her family made billions on the Cleantech deals. She has also been charged with rigging postal property deals, railroad deals, U.C. Regents appointments and hundreds of other political actions for her VC Husband: campaign financier Richard Blum. Solyndra was raided by the FBI when the first major signs of corruption were exposed by investigators but Feinstein buddy Attorney General Eric Holder never allowed the full Solyndra investigation to be released, because it was soon discovered to lead right back to top White House staff, including Gibbs, Plouffe, Emanual, Axelrod and others.


Elon Musk

Elon Musk was a campaign financier for Feinstein. Elon Musk was partnered with John Doerr to control the Lithium Ion Battery industry based around the Afghan Lithium ion mining contracts and control of the electric car market.

Elon Musk hated fuel cells, ultra-capacitors, gasoline, diesel and anything that competed with Lithium ion, which he, Steven Chu, Feinstein and John Doerr had invested in. They all participated in sabotage campaigns against all of those other fuels. Lithium ion Technology blows up for no apparent reason; needs to come from countries that need to be invaded; gives off vapors that cause cancer, brain damage and kidney damage; losses it’s life span and has over a hundred other problem’s with it.

When Musk took Tesla away from it’s founder: Martin Eberhard, in a hostile take-over, (Musk never “founded” Tesla) he had to build the car in a very expensive way. He and Doerr ordered Steven Chu to sabotage every applicant, for DOE money, who were trying to make affordable cars because an affordable alternative energy car would kill off Tesla almost over-night. History has now proven that the metrics that Tesla used were disasters, in that they have now spent more money, to sell less cars, than any company in history, while making an electric car that should have been easy to build.

A Congressional investigation proved that Tesla had lied to get it’s loan and that Secretary of Energy Steven Chu had assisted in the scam at the same time that we had applied with a superior set of application metrics.

Google worked with Musk to delete any negative mentions about Musk or his projects and top page lock and attack articles on his competitors.

Musk has been proven to have lied, mismanaged and engaged in a commodity trading scheme.

Attack services firm: In-Q-Tel provided staff to Musk and In-Q-Tel staff now help run his Space X company, which was given most of NASA as a gift for campaign funding.

Musk was forced to give his patents away for free because they were not only found to have no value, but to also accidentally disclose, within the very text of the patents themselves, the fact that Musk’s batteries could be lethal and destructive in spontaneous explosions.

A large number of employees, customers, partners, wives and investors have sued Musk for fraud. Clinical psychologists have openly analyzed him, in the media as a sociopath.

Musk is now working on a railroad project called the “Hyperloop” with Dianne Feinstein’s husband’s company in order to seek to acquire more federal cash. All three of Musk’s companies would not exist with nearly $10 Billion dollars of federal kick-back cash and “favors” Musk has received.


John Doerr

John Doerr had  financed Feinstein and the Obama campaign. His group owned interest in Solyndra, next door to Tesla and the Afghan mining of indium and other minerals which Solyndra was to exploit as a commodity trading scam. Solyndra was raided by the FBI when the tip of the scam started to reveal itself. Solyndra’s chemicals also made it’s products explode into flames, on users roofs, during use, just like Tesla’s cars.

John Doerr controlled a large part of what the media now calls: “The Silicon Valley Cartel”. We were black-listed by the Cartel because we were 1.) not in their boys club 2.) had original government verified patents on technologies they stole and made billions of dollars on without paying us for 3.) had, unknowingly, complained about a small part of Cartel corruption.

John Doerr hates fuel cells, gasoline, diesel, and natural gas. John Doerr helped start Eric Schmidt’s company Google.

John Doerr’s company, Kleiner Perkins was sued for misogyny and sex abuse. His partner Ray Lane was charged with massive tax evasion. His friend, and New America Foundation staffer, White House Car Czar Steven Rattner was indicted for Securities fraud in New York. His other friend, Raj Gupta of MicKinsey Consulting, the firm who wrote all of the documents for Kleiner Perkins to lobby Washington with, sits in federal prison for corruption. His other partner Tom Perkins, who his company is named after, made insane statements on the public media about how “poor people don’t appreciate that billionaires are smarter than them” and the poor are all “Nazi’s” for saying bad things about billionaires. His other partner: Vinohd Khosla was exposed in a 60 Minutes episode as one of the major scammers in the Cleantech mess while also being attacked by most of California for putting a gate on one of the States favorite beaches because “he said so”. Khosla’s Indian partner in the car project, a Mr. Tata suddenly “fell” off the roof of a high building. The list goes on. Mr. Doerr keeps some interesting company.

Attack Services firm: In-Q-Tel provided staff to John Doerr’s projects and co-funded Google with him.

Eric Schmidt

Federal records now show Cartel member Eric Schmidt spent just as much time dictating White House policy as his partner John Doerr. Eric Schmidt controlled The New America Foundation and In-Q-Tel which acted as political lobby groups and “campaign “hit-squads”. While In-Q-Tel constantly claimed to be part of the CIA, The CIA disavowed any formal relationship with In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel has been shown to have taken an active approach in sabotaging, defrauding, and character assassinating Competing Cleantech contenders.

In-Q-Tel helped John Doerr fund Google for Eric Schmidt.

Eric Schmidt has Google rig it’s search engine in order to character assassinate political and business foes of himself or Musk. Eric Schmidt has spent more time in the White House than any current member of Congress.

The Cable TV industry has sued the White House for bowing to Eric Schmidt’s demands to favor Google in all “net neutrality” rulings so that Google servers can still control election perception trends. The Cable industry has already started exposing Schmidt’s bizarre sexual, business, marital and political practices.


Nick Denton

Nick Denton was asked by John Doerr and Elon Musk to print attack articles, in his Gawker tabloid empire, which Eric Schmidt could then stick to the top page of Google while replicating those attack articles across thousands of servers in order to up-rank the attacks to their maximum potential. This tactic famously made a politician called Santorum come up on every Google search as “butt froth”, while Schmidt and Denton chortled that: “It’s just something in the computer. We have no control over it”. The EU investigations have proven that lie to have been quite bold.


Gary. D. Conley

Gary Conley ran Solyndra/Musk competitor Solfocus and Musk/Doerr competitor H2Go. He was constantly sabotaged by John Doerr. Not long after he whistle-blew on John Doerr, and Elon Musk, he was found out back of Beale Air Force Base, in Northern California, with a bullet in his head. His family, friends and associates said he was not despondent and had no health issues. The Beale security tapes have become “unavailable.”


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