How The Democrats Ate Their Own Children

How The Democrats Ate Their Own Children

When U. S. Senators Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein realized they could each make billions of dollars, personally, via their family stock holdings and campaign funds, they didn’t waste a minute stabbing their own constituents in the back to get at that cash.

California and Nevada Green Car Companies, Solar Companies, Energy Technology Companies, Green Builders and Transit Companies were hacked off at the knees because they competed with the stock assets that Reid and Feinstein had acquired in their kick-back deals.

These other applicants were all “GREEN COMPANIES”: supposedly the Democrat’s favorite things. It doesn’t matter, though, how green your company was, if it was in the path for the green cash from Tesla or Solyndra. Two of the favored companies who paid the kick-backs to federal officials.

Is the arguement from Feinstein’s office that: “there just wasn’t enough money left at the Department of Energy” true? No, it is a 100% out-right lie. The Federal GAO, the people that watch for corruption, state that there has always been, and still is, billions, and billions and billions of dollars, set aside EXCLUSIVELY for these companies, that was never used. In Fact, there was always more than enough money to fund every single applicant.

Staff from ZAP Motors, Redwood Solar, Aptera and dozens of other companies have specifically stated that Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein and their Cheif’s of Staff, personally wrote to them, spoke with them and lied to them.

Under Eric Holder, Feinstein and Reid buddy Eric Holder, refused to take any action. Now it is Lynch’s turn.

Harry Reid sabotaged the applicants for Department of Energy Funds if they competed with Kleiner Perkins companies who were funding the campaigns of Reid and Feinstein.

Further, Recent disclosures, such as the following, shed disturbing light on the depths of this criminal; behavior: 

Did the LA TIMES Article actually disclose an organized crime operation involving some very famous people? SHOCKER THEORY!!!


The LA TIMES just ran an article which exposes Elon Musk’s funding system, based on Government hand-outs. Musk rushed to hold a press conference to claim the amount of taxpayer cash, he has received, was “just a pittance”. Few, though, find over FIVE BILLION DOLLARS of tax waivers, credits, employment freebies, buildings, exclusive contracts, and other taxpayer provided goodies, to be “a pittance” in these tough times.

While it is true that Musk has now received more taxpayer hand-outs, than any individual in American history, one could argue that he is just a lucky business man.

But, just for the purpose of theoretical discussion, what if some of the darker theories about Musk’s coincidental windfalls have some merit?

Let’s jump right to the most sinister interpretation of things.

One of the whispered rumours, on the web holds that in 2007, right when Musk’s silent partners, Eric Schmidt and John Doerr started, practically, living at the White House in a lobbying frenzy, the Democrats finally acknowledged that they really were the party of the poor, because they were flat broke. So some of them came up with the idea of creating a Department of Energy fund called the “ATVM Fund”, loading it up with $25 Billion kick-back dollars of taxpayer cash, awarding it only to Schmidt/Doerr/Musk related companies, and shutting out all of their competitors.

Indeed, history shows that the fund actually was created. It really got $25 Billion, in a unique legal manner, which made the $25 Billion irrevocable. Schmidt/Doerr/Musk’s buddy: Steven Chu, was put in charge of it. He hired their friends to staff his office.

See where this is going?

So, per this theory, Musk is actually a kick-back conduit, protected by the White House, to spiff the DNC campaign funds…according to this theory. Which is just a theory. It couldn’t really happen, right? The White House wouldn’t prop up a guy just to keep him quiet and keep kick-back cash flowing.. right?

So this theory is kind of ironic because, in an amazing coincidence, everything that Musk get’s involved in, is exactly stuff that the White House is promoting.

In an even more bizarre coincidence, to pull a scam like this off, the Schmidt/Doerr/Musk Cartel would need the help of U.S. Senators Reid and Feinstein, the most beloved American politicians in history.

This whole theory must have come out of the fact that Reid and Feinstein made billions of dollars off of Schmidt/Doerr/Musk Cartel stock investments and campaign contributions, but, that was, of course just another funny coincidence. They even ran, and built, some of the properties that these Department of Energy “winners” companies sat upon. But, again, coincidence!

The main reason one might cast doubt on this theory is that there are so many hard facts to prove it, that it is just too good to be true… right?

These internet crazies…these “theorizers” point to actual facts like the one where all of the profitable chemicals that Tesla and Solyndra were going to buy and sell in volume were controlled by the investors in Kliener Perkins and commodity-managed by their partners: Goldman Sachs. That’s just another funny coincidence.

The “theorizers” point to the fact that Musk’s companies have poor business volume, but show a profit whenever there is bad news thanks to Kleiner rushing out to “Flash Boy” purchase Tesla stock, with an automated stock buying system, in order to pump the stock. Federal, and private investigator, records show that this actually happened. It has also been proven that only Google, Reddit and the other Kleiner-controlled web-news-media mask all negative Musk/Tesla news in perfect synchronization with the stock pumps, when no other publications on the planet do. Again, these are just coincidences. If people were consciously doing those kinds of things it would be mobster-ism on a Godfather-class scale. But, that couldn’t have happened.

Then..get this; “rumour people”, who seem to just be ecstatic about all of these coincidental, highly suspect things, go off on yet another “FACT”. They point out that originators of the scam, from the White House side, had to be Emanual, Plouffe, Axelrod, Rattner and Gibbs. Then they go on to point out that Emanual, Plouffe, Axelrod, Rattner and Gibbs suddenly quit the White House at the peak of their career for reasons that don’t make sense. The fact that one of them was indicted for stock market fraud only goes to strengthen their case, but, again…these things happen.

So, even if this really had happened, the brave and fearless protector of ethics and morality: Mr. Eric Holder, would have cracked right down on his friends here…who he knew personally, and had dinner with, and had the same lawyers with…oh,.. well.. but anyway. Eric would have jumped on them, right? The White House wouldn’t order the Justice Department and the FBI to ignore Elon Musk, John Doerr and the Silicon Valley Cartel as a kick-back protection order, now would they?

Mobsters kill people. Rajeev Motwani, David Bird, Gary D. Conley, 3 Tesla engineers and a large bunch of others did, certainly, die under mysterious circumstances, and they were all people that this cartel would want dead, but to say that these billionaires are off murdering their adversaries using mysterious CIA stealth murder tricks is overly intriguing.

Of course, as we all now know, every single one of those companies in the ATVM Fund scam grabbed the cash, paid their CEO and Goldman Sachs insiders off-the-top, and immediately went bankrupt in the largest government-funded sequential business-failure suite in history. While some argue that a secret GOP Task Force discovered the plot and forced all of the Kleiner Cartel DOE “Winners” to collapse, in punishment, this is probably another coincidence.

Here is the main argument against this theory, Mobsters are big greasy looking guys with bulbous broken noses and slicked back pompadours. These Musk and Kleiner people wear khaki’s and black turtlenecks. KHAKI’S for god-damn sakes!! You never saw a mobster in khaki’s, right?

They shouldn’t have used a Federal agency as the scam front. They should have used a family foundation, like Hillary did. But none of this happened. So, who cares?

So we have clearly crushed another internet rumour from those damn bloggers. Whew!